the journey continues into the second hour

Well, we’re sneaking up on the second hour and he has refused dinner twice. I keep telling myself “you’re a pro at this now. You know what to do.” It’s not so simple as a kid that just doesn’t want to stop playing. For him…Legos are much more. We learned this year Math is a big one as well. He loves math and must finish all of his problems before moving on to something else. I assume this is because he is very much a “left brain” kid. I guess the concentration and focus it takes to build Legos would be the same as working math problems. They use a bell in school when he works on Math to help him transition to something else. Maybe I’ll try that with the Legos. hmm….I could possibly be looking at a bell smashed all up or thrown in the trash if i’m not careful. #don’t mess with the Lego’s


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