What a busy two days! Such a whirlwind but yet so “normal”. I’ve realized how far I’ve come with patience and restraint in dealing with the “experts”. It seems to be an evolving process. Initially, you put your trust and faith in them. That they know what they are doing and will steer you in the right direction. Then you realize, for some, your kid is the book they carry or the papers they wrote in college. You also begin to realize “Hey, I know this kid better than anyone!” and you’re better able to weed out the good ones from the not so good ones. Eventually, you learn to use them as a resource and to bounce ideas off of because….YOU are the expert.

I had to run the kid to the doctor yesterday which meant he would have to see any available doctor. We all know how that goes. (I posted some hilarious thoughts on my Facebook page as the day went along.)  So I sit and listen to him “educate” me on the need for a physical. He says, “especially with his “PDD” and other issues you want to make sure that is a priority.” He follows with the fact the kid hasn’t had one since they have gone “electronic”.  I quickly roll off the surgeries, seizures and visits to his pediatrician he has had since they have gone “electronic” with as much attitude as I could muster. Then I realized, remember, just nod and say “umm huh”. They like that. What do you know, as soon as I do that he quickly finishes the exam and we’re on our way.

As the day continues to roll on I only have a few hours to get back home and prepare for a 12 hour overnight shift at work. #sigh Here we go! At the end of all the chaos and rushing out of the door I learned probably the most important thing there is to know as a working mom trying to hold everything around her down…..don’t put the hydrocortisone in the same basket as the toothpaste. #yuck!!!



  1. That is some damn good advice!

  2. I was trying to just send you a private message but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. I found your blog by googling PDD NOS & Legos. My son has an uncanny ability with Legos and has been diagnosed with ADHD which is under control pretty much with the right medication. However, there are some persistent symptoms that are not controlled by the ADHD medication and I am beginning to think there is something more going on than ADHD. My son is an INSANELY picky eater and makes redundant noises, does that sound familiar at all?

    I see that your family is about go to Lego Land. I hope you have a nice trip, hope to possibly hear from you when you get back from your trip.


    • I haven’t been on here for a long time. Life just got too hectic to keep up. Picky eater and redundant noises?? Yes! I absolutely can relate. I’m constantly told the picky eating is due to sensory issues however I can’t seem to keep thinking its something all kids do and he’ll grow out of. The noises are not as often now, at 8 yrs old but very loud when he does it.

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