About ME

I started this blog and I’m calling it “Mom…interrupted”. I want to focus on the mania of being a working mom and wife and trying to hold everything around me down at the same time. My three guys are awesome and I hope someone can use our experiences in whatever way they feel helpful. My littlest guy has overcome so much. #waytogo! He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS several years ago. If I started blogging from his beginning you would have a better picture of just how far he has come. I’ve never really discussed what he has gone through but I am finding relief expressing myself through this blog. I think after such a journey now is probably a good time to open up. I hope that those that have been there…are there..will relate and hopefully get that same warm “at least YOU know what I’m talking about” feeling that I get when I follow other bloggers with similar experiences.

You may hear me reference “D” or “THE KID”, that’s my little guy. Seven years old and a joy and delight to be around. Oh how I love him. “SMURF” is my teenager. 16 and expressing all of himself that he can :). He is my shooting star and I love him dearly. “THE MAN” is my husband of 12 years and partner of 19. I am forever grateful to God that he brought us together to form the family we have. As you follow my blog you’ll understand the reason for the Lego background. Legos and trains are a part of our daily life as they are D’s obsession. If you have a kid on the spectrum you’ll definitely relate to the word obsession. #wish me luck!


2 Responses to “About ME”

  1. diaryofasagittarius Says:

    Good morning. New follower here. So far I am enjoying your blog. Its nice to know there are other moms with similar issues who can find the “bright side” of any situation.

    Keep blogging, stay inspired! 🙂

    • It’s so funny that I read this just after posting my last post. Thank you for reminding me that there is always a bright side. I was searching for something to improve my mood and you did it!! thanks!

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