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So I woke up this morning…LATE! D was 10 mins late for school. In the chaos I yelled….yes America parents do yell at their kids every now and then. Please comment if you have never yelled so that we can learn your secret. Anyhow, one of the great things about D is echolalia, or as I like to say “he echos”. He repeats, almost exactly, phrases he hears. This used to be pretty bad and he would use the phrases to communicate. After a lot of hard work, though, it’s minimized to only occurring when he gets stressed. Well, I probably stressed him this morning. 😦 I don’t often yell at him like that. On the way to school my heart sunk because he yelled “STOP PLAYING!!” and I swear it could have been a tape recorder playing back my words. He was looking at the floor and when I said his name he immediately said “nothing” and tried to act as if it never happened. I’ve noticed this has occurred with some other issues he has as well. This is a sign to me that he’s aware some of his behaviors are different than his peers. 😦

To top that off I am going to have to put on my advocacy hat (as if I ever take it off). I don’t think his aide has been changed like we discussed in his ISP. A little birdie gave me some unsettling information this morning so of course I’m on top of it. I sent the email before I even left the school parking lot. Yes, email. You see, depending on how your school system operates you learn how to work deal with them. After five years….trust me, I know. I will not speak with ANYONE on the phone or in person. I only communicate via email. If I do need to speak with someone on the phone I immediately follow up with an email summarizing what we discussed. If they feel my summary is not accurate they are more than welcome to respond with a correction. No response means you accept. If anything comes up later it will be difficult to dispute. He is at a good school so we will see what happens with my email. They know me well enough by now to know that I expect results. Especially when the request is reasonable. Or in this situation REQUIRED BY LAW.