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You know you’re a mom when……

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You know you’re a mom when your “personal time” consists of running errands, grocery shopping and cleaning without kids in tow. It’s too funny that today I’m looking forward to Sam’s Club, swinging by a furniture store, checking out some stuff for the yard at Home Depot….hmm and I might just stop in Old Navy for some school uniform pants. THIS my friends, is what I get excited about. Always have. There’s typically a kid walking jumping next to me but today I’m taking some time for me….just for a few hours. #HAVE A GREAT SATURDAY EVERYONE! 🙂


Hello world!

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I’m new to this but we’ll see how it goes. I named my blog Mom Interrupted because I want to focus on the mania of being a mom and wife and trying to hold everything around you down at the same time. My three guys are awesome and I hope someone can use our experiences in whatever way they feel helpful. My littlest guy has overcome so much. #waytogo! If I started blogging from his beginning you would have a better picture of just how far he has come. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and is very high functioning. I will say however it has been a long journey. A long journey that I am just now feeling comfortable talking about. Anyhow, those that have been there…are there..will relate. I hope you get the same warm “at least you know what I’m talking about” feeling that I get when I follow other bloggers. 🙂 #wish me luck!