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Did I succeed today?? Well let’s see…

Allergies almost killed me so I didn’t go to church which means I felt somewhat spiritually unfulfilled. The Benadryl still has me in a cloud but at least I know to never try drugs. #If I can’t handle a Benadryl drugs would probably kill me.

My husband left the house for a few hours to help someone out. Before he left, while he was gone and after he came back, I fielded questions and stories about Legos and trains……all while shifting in and out of “Benadryl consciousness”. I diffused an argument about why someone can’t be quiet while someone else is playing a video game. Hopefully prevented the dog from having a seizure (no one remembers his medicine but me) and becoming dehydrated (no one remembers his water but me).Β At one point I woke up to popcorn, cups, Legos and other random items surrounding me on the bed. The kid was nowhere in sight. After cleaning all that up I finished up dinner. #sigh

The kid answered a question that was an answer to so many questions I’ve asked myself about being a parent. He asked for juice. “Am I the only one in this house that can get you juice?” He said, very matter of fact, “Yes. Because you’re mommy.”

So yes! I would say that today was successful. How about you? πŸ™‚


the journey continues into the second hour

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Well, we’re sneaking up on the second hour and he has refused dinner twice. I keep telling myself “you’re a pro at this now. You know what to do.” It’s not so simple as a kid that just doesn’t want to stop playing. For him…Legos are much more. We learned this year Math is a big one as well. He loves math and must finish all of his problems before moving on to something else. I assume this is because he is very much a “left brain” kid. I guess the concentration and focus it takes to build Legos would be the same as working math problems. They use a bell in school when he works on Math to help him transition to something else. Maybe I’ll try that with the Legos. hmm….I could possibly be looking at a bell smashed all up or thrown in the trash if i’m not careful. #don’t mess with the Lego’s

…and the journey for model #4440 has begun

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As I sit at my computer working on getting this all set up I realize an hour has quickly gone by. I also realize I have not heard from D for that entire hour. He is painstakingly working away on his new lego set. I am reminding myself when he begins my job begins. The gentle prompts to take a break. The more eager prompts to stop and use the bathroom. Believe me, he will not stop until it is complete and this is a 633 piece set. This is his world when it comes to trains and legos. He hears nothing else until his work is “MISSION COMPLETE”. #and now for a gentle prompt πŸ™‚