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What a busy two days! Such a whirlwind but yet so “normal”. I’ve realized how far I’ve come with patience and restraint in dealing with the “experts”. It seems to be an evolving process. Initially, you put your trust and faith in them. That they know what they are doing and will steer you in the right direction. Then you realize, for some, your kid is the book they carry or the papers they wrote in college. You also begin to realize “Hey, I know this kid better than anyone!” and you’re better able to weed out the good ones from the not so good ones. Eventually, you learn to use them as a resource and to bounce ideas off of because….YOU are the expert.

I had to run the kid to the doctor yesterday which meant he would have to see any available doctor. We all know how that goes. (I posted some hilarious thoughts on my Facebook page as the day went along.)  So I sit and listen to him “educate” me on the need for a physical. He says, “especially with his “PDD” and other issues you want to make sure that is a priority.” He follows with the fact the kid hasn’t had one since they have gone “electronic”.  I quickly roll off the surgeries, seizures and visits to his pediatrician he has had since they have gone “electronic” with as much attitude as I could muster. Then I realized, remember, just nod and say “umm huh”. They like that. What do you know, as soon as I do that he quickly finishes the exam and we’re on our way.

As the day continues to roll on I only have a few hours to get back home and prepare for a 12 hour overnight shift at work. #sigh Here we go! At the end of all the chaos and rushing out of the door I learned probably the most important thing there is to know as a working mom trying to hold everything around her down…..don’t put the hydrocortisone in the same basket as the toothpaste. #yuck!!!



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So I woke up this morning…LATE! D was 10 mins late for school. In the chaos I yelled….yes America parents do yell at their kids every now and then. Please comment if you have never yelled so that we can learn your secret. Anyhow, one of the great things about D is echolalia, or as I like to say “he echos”. He repeats, almost exactly, phrases he hears. This used to be pretty bad and he would use the phrases to communicate. After a lot of hard work, though, it’s minimized to only occurring when he gets stressed. Well, I probably stressed him this morning. 😦 I don’t often yell at him like that. On the way to school my heart sunk because he yelled “STOP PLAYING!!” and I swear it could have been a tape recorder playing back my words. He was looking at the floor and when I said his name he immediately said “nothing” and tried to act as if it never happened. I’ve noticed this has occurred with some other issues he has as well. This is a sign to me that he’s aware some of his behaviors are different than his peers. 😦

To top that off I am going to have to put on my advocacy hat (as if I ever take it off). I don’t think his aide has been changed like we discussed in his ISP. A little birdie gave me some unsettling information this morning so of course I’m on top of it. I sent the email before I even left the school parking lot. Yes, email. You see, depending on how your school system operates you learn how to work deal with them. After five years….trust me, I know. I will not speak with ANYONE on the phone or in person. I only communicate via email. If I do need to speak with someone on the phone I immediately follow up with an email summarizing what we discussed. If they feel my summary is not accurate they are more than welcome to respond with a correction. No response means you accept. If anything comes up later it will be difficult to dispute. He is at a good school so we will see what happens with my email. They know me well enough by now to know that I expect results. Especially when the request is reasonable. Or in this situation REQUIRED BY LAW.


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Did I succeed today?? Well let’s see…

Allergies almost killed me so I didn’t go to church which means I felt somewhat spiritually unfulfilled. The Benadryl still has me in a cloud but at least I know to never try drugs. #If I can’t handle a Benadryl drugs would probably kill me.

My husband left the house for a few hours to help someone out. Before he left, while he was gone and after he came back, I fielded questions and stories about Legos and trains……all while shifting in and out of “Benadryl consciousness”. I diffused an argument about why someone can’t be quiet while someone else is playing a video game. Hopefully prevented the dog from having a seizure (no one remembers his medicine but me) and becoming dehydrated (no one remembers his water but me). At one point I woke up to popcorn, cups, Legos and other random items surrounding me on the bed. The kid was nowhere in sight. After cleaning all that up I finished up dinner. #sigh

The kid answered a question that was an answer to so many questions I’ve asked myself about being a parent. He asked for juice. “Am I the only one in this house that can get you juice?” He said, very matter of fact, “Yes. Because you’re mommy.”

So yes! I would say that today was successful. How about you? 🙂

the journey continues into the second hour

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Well, we’re sneaking up on the second hour and he has refused dinner twice. I keep telling myself “you’re a pro at this now. You know what to do.” It’s not so simple as a kid that just doesn’t want to stop playing. For him…Legos are much more. We learned this year Math is a big one as well. He loves math and must finish all of his problems before moving on to something else. I assume this is because he is very much a “left brain” kid. I guess the concentration and focus it takes to build Legos would be the same as working math problems. They use a bell in school when he works on Math to help him transition to something else. Maybe I’ll try that with the Legos. hmm….I could possibly be looking at a bell smashed all up or thrown in the trash if i’m not careful. #don’t mess with the Lego’s

…and the journey for model #4440 has begun

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As I sit at my computer working on getting this all set up I realize an hour has quickly gone by. I also realize I have not heard from D for that entire hour. He is painstakingly working away on his new lego set. I am reminding myself when he begins my job begins. The gentle prompts to take a break. The more eager prompts to stop and use the bathroom. Believe me, he will not stop until it is complete and this is a 633 piece set. This is his world when it comes to trains and legos. He hears nothing else until his work is “MISSION COMPLETE”. #and now for a gentle prompt 🙂

Hello world!

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I’m new to this but we’ll see how it goes. I named my blog Mom Interrupted because I want to focus on the mania of being a mom and wife and trying to hold everything around you down at the same time. My three guys are awesome and I hope someone can use our experiences in whatever way they feel helpful. My littlest guy has overcome so much. #waytogo! If I started blogging from his beginning you would have a better picture of just how far he has come. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and is very high functioning. I will say however it has been a long journey. A long journey that I am just now feeling comfortable talking about. Anyhow, those that have been there…are there..will relate. I hope you get the same warm “at least you know what I’m talking about” feeling that I get when I follow other bloggers. 🙂 #wish me luck!